Food in Italy is not just nourishment. It is history, culture, traditions. Through food, the identity of the Italians themselves is better understood. Every part of the country has its typical features: in Milan the famous risotto and ossobuco, in Genoa pesto and focaccia alta, in Venice the creamed cod, in Palermo the sardins 'alla beccafico', the cassata, the cannoli, in Rome the pasta cacio e pepe (chese and pepper), the amatriciana (pork cheeck and tomato), the oxtail 'alla vaccinara'... and we could quote a thousand other dishes, in a whirlwind of colors and flavours, that not only change from region to region, but also from city to city.


Monti is the first district within the heart of the city. With its narrow streets and alleyways full of shops and clubs it offers many spaces where you can dine, or simply have a drink. A tourist district, yes, but evocative, full of history and things to discover. The Esquilino is less recognised than Monti, and perhaps for this reason, it is more true, original and rich in historical shops where the locals routinely go, and hereby often remains unknown to the visitors of the city.


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